No sports for 2 weeks


It's a sprained ankle. Played futsal with Sebastian's lecturers. When pouncing a shot away, i landed awkwardly on my left ankle and heard a 'crack' sound from it, how scary. Luckily didn't tear anything, no crutches required :D

And i think there are some misconception about futsal, even the doctor thinks so, that it is a sport for a 'certain race' only and thinks that i was too free, find troubles. This is definitely stupid and wrong, chinese CAN play futsal as well and it's not for 'certain' race only dumbos! :S


Ya don't have to remind me. Yes, the blog is so dead. I got so freaking busy. Really.

Had JPA interview few days ago. I left at 7 at reached at 8.15, after my dad failed to find the place. I was so nervous I'm gonna be late. Chris Low's dad called me and told me dont worry, im 25th, not so fast. He made a big mistake. Me too. I went too early. 25th was the last of my group. My interview was at 12 p.m. Met a new friend, Lim Jia En and she accompanied me until her interview was over. Then i walk around, measuring the floor and psychic the ceiling for 2 hours. It went well, i made some small mistakes in the middle but i think i ended it strongly and gave a good impression to the interviewers :D

Arsenal got trashed. By the best team in the world, or more accurately, the best player in the world: Lionel Messi. When Bendtner scored, i couldn't react, i thought i was dreaming and only cheered a few seconds later. Then, i ran to my room to get my laptop and go Facebook. When i came down i didn't look at the TV until i login my computer, then i looked at the screen, and thought: Eh? 1-1? Since WHEN?

Never mind. They can still win it. I thought. Then they went 2-1 up. I still thought, they can still win la, score 1 more, 2-2, penalty shoot out and win it. Too optimistic right. Then later, 3-1. I went to bed, still hoping they can score 2 more to qualify miraculously. When i woke up, i read Darren's sms bout the score, I didn't really feel upset unlike last year. Maybe too numb. Or maybe interview is coming up so i didn't bother. Next season, is what we Gunners always tell ourselves. :S

Yay, Gunners for life x)

Brother from another planet


Happy birthday to my brother from another 'planet', Jonathan Guan Wei Keat! He is finally legal, to party, but still without a 'P' license. JPJ clearly doesnt want him to get his license to save more lives.

7 years since we first met and much things have happened. We went into the same high school, and didnt get to be classmate after standard 6, until form 4 when we get same class he shifted, but friendship has never been affected by distance, from Subang to Seri Kembangan. What I can say is this guy is still part of the Subang blood, and always will be!

Take care la bro, Sunway Ausmat! (credits to Bryan Jo for this quote)

A Romantic Chinese New Year


Counting down to Chinese New Year is something I personally think that everyone is doing now. Not only the Chinese because of its meaning, other races(Chinese too!) are all waiting for this holidays so that they can have a break, especially college students like me!

First day of Chinese New Year, 14th February, couples, especially boyfriends will face a tough decision: family, or girlfriends? Tough one isn't it! But of course, majority people do have a choice to pick both, which will satisfy the family and the girlfriend, who will be part of the family too ;)

People like me, don't know whether is it lucky or not, do not have to face such 'problem'. Have a romantic Chinese New Year everyone! ;D

The Orange Skin Mystery


The question is, how did the orange skin get there?

Let's have a look at a few answers provided by PM3's students:
Crystal: The orange burst there!
Zueyi: The orange was out the window and it rained, and with the right wind velocity, it rolled there!
Sheryl: Monkeys!
Kaithlyn: Air con service worker left it there!
Crystal: Oh, a bird's nest!
Tze Hao: (Forgot what did he say)
Mr.Vara: Someone threw it there.
Yong Jie: Cannot be, its so far!
Mr.Vara: Can, it depends on how you throw it.
Yong Jie: But there are 3 pieces, how to throw all 3 to a same position?
Mr.Vara: Maybe the orange was still intact!
Yong Jie: Ohhhhh so we reached a conclusion, the orange really burst there.

Maybe the orange was too hot and it burst. Poor orange.



Recently i found my friends all changed. They became more proud than ever. Well, maybe not all but surely, there is one who has disappointed me most. Today, i saw him in college. I said hi and he responded by looking up high. Ouch. How hurt and disappointing. I do not understand what was he thinking. Have I changed instead? No i dont think so. He was one of my best friend i must say. Oh wells, i didnt do anything wrong and, time to let go.

It is through these experiences, we discover true friends.

Too lazy to do anything


I just feel like sitting down here, Facebook or do anything online the whole day, even if it's just looking at the screen for nothing. Too lazy to study, to even think of it. Whenever I think of studying, my mood gets real bad. Back to SPM days huh? I bet this is even more stressful than SPM. Check my phone for messages, hoping someone would find me and talk to me but recently it is just frustrating me.

Hey juniors, college isn't that fantastic, but high school is!