Pendidikan Jasmani

It is SPM year, and many teachers are rushing to finish the syllabus, so they like and want to takeover Pendidikan Jasmani (PJ) to teach students in order to finish the syllabus in time and prepare for SPM. I strongly disagree with this move, and i feel that PJ should not be taken to teach other subject.

Why is PJ so important? During PJ, we run all over the field, we do sports. The importance of sports in students' life is invaluable. It enables students to learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice and accountability.

Besides that, sports also enables our brains to work better and exercise can develop our right brain, as the Malay idioms stated, ' Badan Cergas, Otak Cerdas' ! And there is no disadvantages in doing sports, you can simply sit down and count until the next morning for the benefits of sports.

Some students just want to study and they think that PJ is somehow a waste of time. They go to the field, warm up ( "walk" around the field ), then they sit down, and chat. Okay, fine, you do not wan to PJ, then keep quiet, let those who wants to PJ to play. But instead, when teachers suggest to takeover PJ to teach other subject, they just agree, and claim that PJ is a waste of time, better we study. Come on, you do not want to PJ, but what about those who wants? If you don't like to PJ, you can just sit aside and chat, but what if you agree with teachers to takeover PJ, those who likes to PJ will have to sit inside the class as well, and as if all of those who don't like PJ WILL study.

Moreover, PJ is just once a week, 1 hour and 10 minutes, and that's all! Why can't you just compromise and let us PJ? Okay, you say that it is SPM year, we have to study, but what difference can 2 periods of PJ make? We wait 1 whole week just for that 2 periods of PJ, when we can do our favourite sports activities, run, laugh, enjoy. Those who don't do sports just never will experience the fun.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree teachers to takeover PJ to teach other subjects. I urge everyone who loves sports and PJ, stand up and support me, defend PJ.

Please, its just once a week, let us PJ. Thank you.

Yongjie:' Let us PJ, please? '

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